Conservation Education

ACE Dogs strongly believes that one of the best ways we can conserve our natural resources is by training young and old alike about the importance of what we do.  By using our conservation canines to connect with our audience, we can teach people about the dangers of invasive species or infectious diseases, we can talk about loss of habitat and how it can lead to a species becoming threatened or endangered, and we can talk about the interconnectedness of our ecosystems.  We can also show how the amazing olfactory senses of our canine partners can help in detecting specific odors that can trace back to these issues and we can demonstrate those amazing skills first hand.......and maybe give a few canine kisses and handshakes along the way as well to just bring a smile to those we educate and entertain!

Call us to discuss details and pricing!


Are you in need of a canine demonstration for your next event? Whether it is Earth Day activities, a natural resource conference, a county fair, or just a special event at a local mall, ACE Dogs can provide just what you need!  We often will do demonstrations for free or for a significantly reduced rate depending on the circumstance, so please feel free to call us and discuss how we might be able to help you connect with your audience!