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At ACE Dogs, we are passionate about canines and conservation.  And if there is one thing we know for sure, it's that the two are better together.

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dog can detect a single teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water. Imagine what they can do for conservation!



Dr. Susan Rupp - 

Dr. Rupp is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® with 28 years of professional research experience.  Her MS and PhD focused on elk ecology in northcentral New Mexico.  She has worked as a professional wildlife biologist for New Mexico Game and Fish, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Texas Tech University, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. She was on faculty at South Dakota State University where her research largely focused on theoretical and applied wildlife-habitat relationships.  She now is CEO and Lead Consultant for Enviroscapes Ecological Consulting, LLC, based in Gravette, AR, and is very active in her professional society - the Wildlife Society - where she serves as Chair of the Renewable Energy Working Group.  She recently co-authored the book, "Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation" (2019) available through Johns Hopkins University Press.


Deanna Butler -

Deanna Butler in an expert canine handler and trainer with 20+ years of experience. She has been nationally certified through the North American Search Dog Network (2001 – 2003), National Search Dogs Alliance (2003 – 2005), and United States Police Canine Association (2005 – 2018).  She holds certificates in Lost Person Behavior, NIMS (100, 200, 700, 800, 809), Hazmat, Bloodborn Pathogens, Emergency Response Planning, CPR, First aid, K9 First Aid, Crime Scene Preservation.  She is nationally certified in K9 Trailing, K9 area type ll, and HRD type l.  She was an instructor for 4 States K9 Seminar (2010) and East Oklahoma K9 annual seminar in human remains Detection (2006-2018), and an assistant instructor for Forensic Anthropology Canine Training (2014 & 2015).  She and her canines have been deployed to assist numerous disaster efforts including both Moore, OK, tornadoes (1999 & 2013), the Wimberly TX flood (2015), Devils Den AR flood (2011), and Sand Springs, OK, tornado (2015) just to name a few.

“Is the species truly ubiquitous and just difficult to detect, or could it really be very rare?”


Dr. Mike Conner, The Jones Center at Ichauway


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